Reporting Quality Assurance controls (EMIR – MiFIR)

High quality data play an important role in enabling the Regulators of the financial Markets to discharge its supervisory responsibilities that include, but are not limited to, ensuring financial stability, market integrity and investor protection. Regulators urged regulated entities to regularly review and ensure that the data reported are, inter alia, complete, accurate, consistent, timely and not duplicated.

In this connection, Konkrit Solutions Ltd’s cloud-based technology, offers a sound solution for the processing of raw data from multiple sources, translates, validates and reconciles the EMIR and MiFIR reports with multiple regulatory end points, covering all asset classes.

Our solution allows Investment Firms in the EEA and the UK to validate and reconcile their transaction reports and delivers one of the most comprehensive arsenals of accuracy checks in the industry. Powered by an assurance engine, performing a sophisticated matrix of thousands of rules and accuracy checks.

Based on our expertise throughout the years in the provision of Advisory and Support services, we have created this unique automated tool for validating and reconciling transaction reports. We work with both buy and sell-side financial firms, service providers and corporations for validating and reconciling their regulatory transaction reporting obligations.

Our services are mainly divided into two phases:

  • Phase 1 is the identification and provision of error reports, either through the validation and/ or the reconciliation of transaction reports, and
  • Phase 2 includes our consultancy services should Investment Firms like to be provided with further information on the errors identified.