Cyprus FinTech Summit

With excitement we have attended the Cyprus FinTech Summit, which took place in Limassol during September 2023.

It was great to exchange ideas with organisations that we share a similar vision; efficiency through technological improvements which will let us, as entrepreneurs, to save money and as individuals to spare time to be spend on hidden treasures, such us family and friends.

Even though Artificial Intelligence lead the floor, discussions on crypto and blockchain, as well as the banking system were on the agenda as well.

The diversified selection of panellists provided the audience, not only, with valuable information on the current status of machine learning and artificial intelligence, but also on the latest trends that may significantly and positively change an organisation’s growth rate.

Colleagues which represented organisations from different continents have shared their success stories and even better the merits of being a forward thinker.

We were also happy to see that one of our slogans is in the culture of other experts as well,

So and so, is a no go!

What’s next?

Getting ready for the iFXEXPO, which will be held in Limassol, at the City of Dreams, between the 19th , 20th and 21st of September 2023. You are all welcome to meet us at Booth 8 and discuss the potentials for turning your business from a cash cow or pet into a star.